The Summoning

by Crucible of Hate

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released November 23, 2016

All music and Lyrics by Crucible of Hate. <Copyright 2016>

Recorded at The Recording Workshop

Mixed and mastered by: Tim Holsinger



all rights reserved


Crucible of Hate Lancaster, Ohio

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Track Name: The Summoning

Struck down, defeated, pierced by my foes
Impaled, torn apart, left by the sea
Blood runs, skin cold, fade in the dark

Now I hear the voices, rising from the smoke, cacophonous laughter, infernal summons

Answering her calling, summoned by the witch
Bound to do her bidding, forcefully enslaved

Made up of the aether, fire and the air
Unlimited power, contained by her will

Now I’m charged, to slay the children, of her enemies
Unaware, in their sleep, five I must slay
Conflicted, disgusted, I must obey

Never saw me coming, a figure in the smoke, swiftly I destroy, their lives one by one

Yet I hear them screaming, even as I flee
See their twisted faces, as I snuffed their lives

Return to my master, I must break the spell
I refuse to serve her, this abomination

Now I return
To unleash my wrath
Watch her writhe in horror
As I suck away, her soul!
Track Name: Enigma

Join me on this, wicked journey
Delving through lore, and prophecy
To unravel, the mystery
Identify Adversary

Long ago, it has been told, the hosts would bow, before mankind, but
There was one, who would refuse, and thus deny, his maker and be

Cast, from high
Fall, hurling from the sky
Shunned, denied
Condemned, stripped of all glory

Cursed to roam, this wretched soil, given the earth, as his domain, and
To be named, tempter of old, seducer and accuser of all man

To become the face of corruption
Embodiment of malice and pain
Method of control by the holy
The ultimate play on all your fears

“Come unto me, you will serve
Come unto me, you are damned
And unto me you will bow
Eternally at my command!”

Devil, Satan, or Lucifer? Azazel, Ba’al, or Ben-Sahar?
Iblis, being of smokeless fire, ruler of Jinn, or Mastema?
For centuries, shrouded in fear, quiet aversion, anathema
Or the power (of) belief in self? Subject to no god, king, or man
Own desires, labeled as vile, cast off those chains, embrace thy will
Saved in damnation!